How We Worked with Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics to Share Ground-Breaking Technology

Press Conference - Next Step

We recently had the privilege of partnering with Grapevine Marketing, of Manchester, NH, to assist Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics on an important press conference where they held the first public demonstrations of breakthrough prosthetic advancements with the highly advanced LUKE arm. These innovations will allow many more people who are upper extremity amputees to use all the capabilities of LUKE arm technology. The press conference highlighted new ways to control and fit the arm which both allowed bilateral amputees to use two LUKE arms and a new specially-fitted shoulder-powered model for amputees who had undergone both arm and shoulder amputation.

Media Setup - Next Step Press Conference
Setup for multiple camera crews to film live with audio.

This was Next Step’s first opportunity to share with the public its over eight years of clinical work with patients on the fit and use of the LUKE arm, and dozens of media outlets were involved. We scheduled a site check and sat with the client to optimize limited space, including stage set-up, strategically placed visual displays, and support elements such as a press riser, banners, mult box, and multiple spider pods. We were able to provide them with a detailed representation using Vectorworks 2018 software, giving the client a full visual picture and control of the set-up design and elements before the event. The final result was true to the client’s vision with all technical and visual components working together flawlessly during the event.


Vectorworks 2018 - Event Concept
Concept for live event layout including signage, video monitors, stage and backdrop. Concept takes into account the elements within the room, including a chandelier and multiple wooden beams.

“Working with Sam and her team at Productions, Inc. was the right decision. The representation they showed us before and the actual set up during the event were identical, so we knew exactly what to expect. Their expert support allowed us and Next Step to concentrate on what was most important – demonstrating important technological advancements that will make a difference for many amputees.”

Melissa Albano, President of Grapevine Marketing